Visas and work permits in Indonesia

Indonesia has strict Immigration Law that requires foreign companies and nationals to pay close attention to the visas and work permits they use. We provide all of the commonly used visa types required for doing business in Indonesia.

Business visa

Business visa allows foreign national to stay in Indonesia for 60 days and is also available as a multiple entry visa which grants unlimited entries within a year with the same visa.

Business visa needs to be sponsored by a company in Indonesia, if required Indosight will also provide the sponsor.

Work permit (KITAS)

In order to be eligible for work permit, foreign national needs to be either shareholder, commissioner, director or a foreign expert in a medium or large scaled company registered in Indonesia.

All foreign owned companies (PT PMAs) qualify for issuing work permits.

Retirement visa (Bali only)

Retirement visa is living permit for foreign nationals who are at least 55 years of age.

In addition to that, the retiree needs to be renting a property and prove sufficient funds to live in Indonesia.

Indosight is able to assist with the retirement visas only in Indonesia.

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