Retirement visa in Indonesia

Enjoy your retirement in paradise.

Retirement visa allows foreigners over 55 years old to legally live in Indonesia.

Indosight makes it happen hassle free.

Who can get retirement visa in Indonesia?

Indonesian government makes it fairly easy for foreigners to retire in Indonesia. There are however several conditions a foreigner must meet in order to qualify for the retirement visa:

  • At least 55 years of age
  • Does not intend to work in Indonesia
  • Is in good health and character
  • Citizen of a country that Indonesia accepts retirees from

There are several additional conditions that a foreigner needs to meet. We will explain those below and tell you how using Indosight services will ensure you will meet all requirements and successfully receive your retirement visa.

About Indosight

Indosight is assisting foreign investors and individuals to live and do business in Indonesia.

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Benefits of retirement visa in Indonesia

Legally live in Indonesia
There are many visas that can be used for staying in Indonesia. However, retirement visa is the best option for you to legally stay in Indonesia and enjoy all the benefits of an Indonesian resident.

Open bank account
If you stay in Indonesia for extended times, you will save a lot of money on transaction costs by having a local bank account.

Purchase a vehicle on your own name
As an Indonesian resident, you are eligible to buying a car, motorbike or any other vehicle. No need to rely on taxis or other people's name to get around.

No visa runs,stay in Indonesia as long as you like
Retirement visa will give you peace of mind that you can stay in Indonesia as long as you want. No need to go to Immigration office regularly to extend your visa.

Retirement visa application process

  1. You prepare required documents
  2. We revise documents and submit application
  3. Telex will be sent to the Indonesian embassy of your choice
  4. Embassy issues you visa
  5. You arrive to Indonesia and visa will be converted into residence permit (KITAS)
  6. We will apply for your re-entry permit so that you can leave and enter Indonesia as many times as needed

6 weeks
to complete retirement visa process

What documents I need to prepare?

  • Copies of all passport pages
  • Copy of marriage certificate if you are married
  • Letter stating you will employ a maid, will not be working in the country, and have accommodation in Indonesia.
    Minimum cost of accommodation is US$35,000 if purchased house/apartment or, a minimum rental cost of US$500/month in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali; US$300/month for other cities in Java Island, Batam, and Medan, and other cities a minimum US$ 200/month.
  • In case you are renting, the letter has to include the name of the owner of the property, address of the house, and the amount of rent.
  • Copy of health insurance policy and life insurance policy (these can be bought from local insurance companies in Indonesia)
  • Copy of bank account statement; or proof that you are holding a pension (and any other documentation that proves you have sufficient funds at your disposal).
    Minimum of US$1,500 per month, to provide the applicant living expenses during the proposed stay in Indonesia (total US$18,000 per year)
  • Photographs with red background 10 of 4 X 6 cm, 4 of 3 X 4, 4 of 2 X 3 cm

Retirement visa for married couples

The process for getting retirement visa for both spouses is almost identical to getting an individual retirement visa. You will still need to demonstrate that you have at least 1500 USD of disposable income per month per person.

However, you won't have to rent or buy two places and you can hire just one maid for both persons.

Also, if you have shared assets, those can be jointly used to prove that you have sufficient funds to stay in Indonesia.

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