How To Submit Your Investment Report (LKPM)

The objective of reporting investment activity is for BKPM to analyze current investment activities and to find solutions of challenges faced by investors. There are not evidence yet that LKPM is giving a concrete solution to support investors while operating in Indonesia. However, since it is regulated LKPM needs to be submitted.

For companies still in the development stage, you can download LKPM form here.
For companies already holding permanent business license, download the form here.

So, how to fill the form? Let’s start!
(This blog post is for companies still in the development stage.)


  • Fill with the obligation on when the report should be made.
  • Fill with a sign (v) corresponding reporting period Semester

1. Company Name

  • To be completed according to the name listed in the Articles of Association and approval of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, or the appropriate approval of the Minister for Justice and Human Rights Amendment to Articles of Association.

2.   Deed of Establishment

  • Fill deed number and date of deed of company
  • Name of Notary
  • Fill in the name of the notary who made the deed
  • Approval of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Fill in number and the date of approval of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights

3. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)

  • Fill with NPWP number

4. Line of Business

  • To be completed in accordance with the business listed in the investment registration / consent principle investments / investment approval.

5. Address of the location of the project

  • To be completed by the project site address, building name, street name, city, zip code number, telephone number, fax and e-mail.

6. Address of correspondence

  • Filled with the building name, street name, city, zip code number, telephone number, fax and e-mail. The company headquarters is a place and position of the company (Law – Law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company).


  • Fill with licenses held by the company
  • Fill with number and date of the licenses and permits have been obtained

A. Realized value of investment

  • For domestic investment in Rupiah (Rp) and foreign investment in United States Dollars (U.S. $).

B. Investment
1. Realization of fixed capital is calculated on the value of acquisition:

1) For the first time the company LKPM delivered, an additional column is emptied, while the realizable value of investments during the reporting period the total column is filled in;
2) Supplement to the realization of the investment is in addition during the specified reporting period;
3) The total is the cumulative realization of investment projects in the reporting period;
4) Components of the realization of fixed capital consists of:
a. Purchase of land as a cost incurred for the procurement, including the cost of the maturation of the land.
b. Building / buildings including factory buildings, warehouses and infrastructure that exist within the project site.
c. Machinery / equipment including spare parts (spare parts), both imported and locally including the purchase of pollution prevention equipment.
d. Others include transportation equipment, office equipment, office inventory and feasibility studies.
2. The realization of working capital is filled with the realization of expenditure for raw / auxiliary materials, salaries / wages of employees and overhead costs by companies that do production trials (trial production).
3. Source of Funding
     1) Equity
Filled with the realization of the paid up share capital by the shareholders for the implementation of investment activities during the
reporting period.
2) Reinvested Earnings
Filled only for the expansion project according to the value of profits reinvested by the company in the reporting period.
3) Equity Loans
Filled with the amount of capital borrowings from abroad and within the country in foreign exchange or rupiah during the reporting

A. Indonesia’s labor force

  • Filled with fixed amount of labor and labor are not fixed (seasonal and contract).

2. Foreign workers

  • Filled with the number of foreign workers who have obtained Employment Permit Expatriate (IMTA).


  • Filled with problems and obstacles that arise in the implementation of investment activities such as licensing issues, land acquisition / land, labor issues, and efforts have been made and advice / suggestions completion.

Report prepared and signed by the party responsible by stating clearly the name and title, as well as the company stamp.


Market entry services in Indonesia

Indosight provides legal and payroll services to companies entering and expanding in Indonesia. Get in touch with our consultants regarding our company registration, payroll, compliance or visa services.

The information provided will remain confidential to Indosight and will only be used to schedule and prepare for the meeting.

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