Retirement Visa for Indonesia – a Step-by-Step Guide

Retirement visa

Retirement Visa  IndonesiaLike the idea of spending your retirement in paradise? You are not alone. There are thousands of people coming to Indonesia to soak in the sun and enjoy a more affordable setting for their senior years.

Getting the visa for Indonesia is not difficult for agencies that have experience in this field. We will let Jakarta Expat – the biggest Indonesian expat newspaper – finish our thought:
There is one simple rule to follow with any Visa application in Indonesia: use an agent. Yes, it’ll cost you a little more, but it will save you so much time and hassle. Even if you think you’d prefer to save a few hundred dollars by doing it yourself, don’t.”

Using Indosight’s network will guarantee your application is approved once it is launched. We will gladly take care of the procedures on your behalf either in Jakarta or in Bali, so here is a step-by-step guide for a closer look at how you can get a retirement visa for Indonesia. First, though, let’s take a look at why Indonesia is a great place to retire.

Retirement in Indonesia

Many people that turn to us already have a place in Indonesia in mind when retiring here. Although this country of almost 18’000 islands has plenty of luring paradise-like places, there are obvious spots that seem to draw in more people.

Bali, the ‘living postcard’, will be on the lips of your travel agent or of almost any person who has been to the island for that matter. With good reason – you can soak up the sun on a stretch of fine white sand, or watch tropical creatures as you dive along coral ridges or the colorful wreck of a WWII war ship.

On shore, the lush jungle shelters stone temples and mischievous monkeys. The ‘artistic capital’ of Ubud is the perfect place to see a cultural dance performance, take a batik or silver-smithing workshop, or invigorate your mind and body in a yoga class.

If you find the island life to your liking, the islands due east from Bali, like Lombok and Flores are also well worth having a look at. There is a lot to see in and around this area as it does not come at an extreme cost; and best of all – it is all dipped in the sweet sauce of happy and warm people. The area is known for being not just tolerant but welcoming of people from all races, religions, and backgrounds.

Indonesia is also huge, and a glimpse at a map will tell you just how much there is to explore if you wish to do so.

 Retirement in Indonesia

Requirements for visa

While Indonesia is welcoming, there are firm requirements to the retirement visa.
The applicant:

–          Is at least 55 years of age

–          Does not intend to work in Indonesia

–          Is in ‘good health and character’

–          A citizen of one of the following countries:

List of countries for retirement visa

Foreigners can only get a retirement visa from an appointed sponsor – appointed by the Ministry of Tourism. The company you hire or their partner has to have the right to acquire a retirement visa from the Ministry. Indosight’s network can guarantee the approval of your retirement visa once the application has been reviewed and launched.

Retirement visa for Indonesia – step-by-step

After you have figured out that you want to retire in Indonesia, and made sure you meet the requirements to do so, you can start the process of getting your visa.

Requirements for visa

#1 Send your documents

Send the following list of documents to us and let us know the embassy that you will be picking up the visa from. The embassy naturally needs to be outside Indonesia. If you are in Indonesia, you might want to pick it up in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Remember that the passport needs to be valid for at least 18 more months and have at least 6 remaining blank pages.

Moving on. The documents you need to present are:

  • Copies of all passport pages
  • Copy of marriage license if you are married
  • Letter stating you will employ a maid, will not be working in the country, and have accommodation in Indonesia.
    Minimum cost of accommodation is US$35,000 if purchased house/apartment or, a minimum rental cost of US$500/month in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali; US$300/month for other cities in Java Island, Batam, and Medan, and other cities a minimum US$ 200/month.
  • In case you are renting, the letter has to include the name of the owner of the property, address of the house, and the amount of rent.
  • Copy of health insurance policy and life insurance policy (these can be bought from local insurance companies in Indonesia)
  • Copy of bank account statement; or proof that you are holding a pension (and any other documentation that proves you have sufficient funds at your disposal)
    Minimum of US$1,500 per month, to provide the applicant living expenses during the proposed stay in Indonesia (total US$18,000 per year)
  • Photographs with red background 10 of 4 X 6 cm, 4 of 3 X 4, 4 of 2 X 3 cm
  • Liability insurance. Again, this type of insurance is familiar to local agencies in Indonesia.
  • Payment of Immigration Fee based on effective regulations.
  • Sponsor letter from the appointed agency.

There are companies out there that promise to deliver your retirement visa with less documentation then the list we have combined here, stressing that they have ‘good connections’. The gap in your documentation might however be used against you if unforeseeable problems come up so it is better to be sure and take extra precautions not to run into trouble months or years down the line.

We will review all the documentation and will then go to the local immigration office to hand it in. They will take around two weeks to go over your application and give an approval.

Retirement visa service in Indonesia

#2 Pick up visa

Once the application is approved, they will telex the visa to the embassy you specified. You can then go to the embassy with your passport to get the visa. After this, you can enter Indonesia.

Converting visa into living permit

#3 Converting the visa to temporary residence permit (KITAS)

Once you’re in Indonesia, we will convert your visa to KITAS. The immigration office, which is in the district zone that you will be living in, will take your fingerprints and photo.

A retirement KITAS holder will receive the following documents:

  • A retirement KITAS card & Blue Book/Foreigner registration
  • SKPPS & SKTT (A certificate of registration of temporary residency)
  • STM/Resort police report
  • SKLD/Police card

You may stay in Indonesia for one year on this visa, extendable for up to a maximum of 5 years. What happens after that? Well, you can apply either for a permanent stay permit (KITAP) or – to exit the country – an Exit Permit Only (EPO).

If you want to visit other countries while on your retirement visa, you cannot just up and leave. You need to apply for either an exit re-entry (ERP) permit that is valid for three months or the multiple exit re-entry permit (MERP), that is valid for 6 months.

Benefits you can enjoy with your retirement visa:

  • Open a bank account
  • Get local driving license
  • Purchase any vehicle on your own name
  • Get special prices and discounts
  • Live for years without any obligation to leave the territory

Married couples

If you are married and both you and your spouse are retiring here together, the applications are still launched separately. Meaning that if your main source of income is your personal pension, it still needs to be for the minimal amount of US$ 1500. However, there’s no need to hire two maids and shared assets can be used by both to prove that you have enough funds to support you for the duration of your stay.

If there are any questions about the retirement visa or any of the conditions, feel free to contact us and ask anything that is worrying you about the process.


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