Living Permit – KITAS Sponsored by Indonesian Spouse

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Living permit KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse

Getting a spouse sponsored KITAS can turn out to be like a part-time job for you in Indonesia. We want to solve it by demonstrating the easiest way of getting a KITAS sponsored by your Indonesian spouse. It is a tutorial for how we acquire this visa for our clients and what their part in it is.

First, we have to make sure that you meet a few pre-conditions in order for you to actually be able to apply for this KITAS. When appointing Indosight to handle your stay permit, the only time you need to go to the immigration office is when you need to take photo and finger prints. Other than that, we take of the legwork as well as the paperwork.


In order for you to apply for this visa sometimes referred to as the family KITAS, you have to be married to an Indonesian citizen and have official marriage certificate acknowledged by the Indonesian government. In case you’re married abroad, a CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to marriage) will be required.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to work with this visa. Instead, once you find employment in Indonesia you will have to get your employer to apply for a working KITAS on your behalf. This will be additional to the spouse sponsored KITAS.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply and obtain visa and staying permits allowing a stay in the country for an initial period of one year. The visa needs to be renewed yearly and the application to do so has to be launched 30 days before the expiration date.


Process of acquiring KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse

Applying for VITAS

VITAS is a Limited Stay Permit Visa, application of which has to be approved by the Head of Immigration in Jakarta. In the case you’re currently already in Indonesia with a Social Visit Visa, then the first step is to convert that visa into a VITAS (temporary stay permit visa). If you’re still abroad, then we will apply for your VITAS without you having to use other visas to get into the country.

Once the approval is received, VITAS will be telexed to an Indonesian embassy abroad where you can pick it up. You need to enter the country with VITAS to be able to convert it to a KITAS later on.

Apply for KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse

Once your arrive in Indonesia with VITAS, you have seven days (yes, only 7) to convert it into KITAS. We will stress this again – if you go past that seven day mark you pass on the possibility to convert your VITAS into a KITAS

Documents needed for KITAS Application:

  1. Request and sponsor letter from Indonesian spouse, to upgrade VITAS to KITAS
  2. Original and Copy of KTP of the Indonesian spouse
  3. Original and Copy of Wedding Book (buku nikah)
  4. Copy of CNI (certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) – if you were married abroad
  5. Original and copy of Bank Account Book of Indonesian spouse
  6. Original and copy of the passport of the applicant
  7. VITAS Telex
  8. Pictures of the applicant
  9. KITAS Application form : Perdim 24
  10. POA Application Form: Perdim 26
  11. Foreigner data form: Perdim 27

The last three forms (points no. 9, 10, 11) above should be affixed with the foreigner picture and signed by both the foreigner and Indonesian spouse.

Once all documents are verified by the Immigration, they will give instruction of payment, and you will be scheduled for photo and fingerprints taking.

KITAS, Blue Book ad POA will be done in 5 working days.

Apply for MERP

You can apply for a multiple re-entry permit or a re-entry permit right after you have received your KITAS. These are valid for one year.


  1. Sponsor letter
  2. Original and Copy of KTP of the Indonesian spouse
  3. Original and Copy of Wedding Book (buku nikah)
  4. Copy of CNI (certificate of No Impediment to Marriage)
  5. Copy of Family Card
  6. Copy and Original POA
  7. Copy and Original KITAS
  8. Copy and Original Passport

Do not leave the country with a valid KITAS without having your MERP. You will lose your KITAS! Plus you can have trouble entering the country again if you do not apply for a Exit-Only Permit.

Apply for MERP

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Civil registration

Every foreigner who has KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse is required to register under civil administration department at the latest 14 days after KITAS is issued. There are 2 documents that need to be obtained:

  2. SKTT (Temporary Residential Card)

Both above should be done at the address below, but Indosight will also take care of this.

DKI Jakarta
Jalan Letjen S. Parman No.7, Jakarta Barat.
Telpon : 021 5662400, 5662345, 5662296

Other Reporting

SKLD is a foreign existence report to Indonesian National Police (SKLD should be applied at least 30 days after you received your KITAS).

All of the processes above will be taken care of by Indosight, with your only trip to the immigration office being to take photographs and fingerprints.

According to new laws (article 60) you can apply for a KITAP (permanent residence visa) when you have been married for two years with your spouse, no matter where you got married. This means that if you have been married for two years you can convert your KITAS immediately if you wish to do so. Because most people do convert their KITAS into a KITAP we’ve included benefits of the permanent residence visa below.


Permanent residence will give you many advantages and benefits over KITAS:

  • Valid for 5 years, no yearly hassle
  • Can apply for MERP (Multiple exit and re-entry permit) that is valid for 2 years
  • Obtain a 5 year SKLD, national police registration card
  • Obtain a KTP, a 5 year valid Indonesian Identity card
  • Obtain a 5 year valid Indonesian driver’s license (SIM)

Another new law (article 61) makes it possible for you to work as a sole entrepreneur in Indonesia, a consultant for example.

When your marriage has lasted for 10 years it will no longer influence your ability to stay in the country with your KITAP. Meaning that if you get divorced after a decade of marriage – we do not think that is the magic number when you should tire of your spouse – but according to the law, you can stay in Indonesia regardless of your marital status.

Even with KITAP, you need to renew your residency every 5 years. Unfortunately, only Indonesian citizenship will not require you to renew your immigration status.

Conversion to KITAP

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False and out-dated information

In order to provide you the best and most up-to-date information on these visas, we have checked all the recent changes in legislation for this article. Even though immigration officers have a tendency to lag behind everyone else when it comes to being aware of these laws, they have to follow them once demonstrated on paper. Also, information that was at some point extremely useful on forum sites becomes out-dated and therefore misleading.

For example, you do not need to have a KITAS for a certain amount of time before you can apply for a KITAP. If you have been married for two years – even without KITAS and even without having been married in Indonesia – you can apply for KITAP immediately.

The second misconception is that you have to be 55 years old to be applicable for this visa. Just not true. You have to be 55 to apply for the retirement visa, not this one.

Probably the most persistent mistake made by immigration offices all over Indonesia regarding the processing of this visa is thinking that you have to wait four months before converting the social visit visa to a KITAS. They simply don’t seem to be informed of a 2005 amendment to the law and are going by a law from 1994.

Officers constantly overlook amendments and when this happens, you just have to nudge them along by showing them the relevant law. Things always move more smoothly when patience and respect are used when dealing with immigration authorities. Unfortunately, they can require a lot of this valuable resource.


Market entry services in Indonesia

Indosight provides legal and payroll services to companies entering and expanding in Indonesia. Get in touch with our consultants regarding our company registration, payroll, compliance or visa services.

The information provided will remain confidential to Indosight and will only be used to schedule and prepare for the meeting.

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