Company registry in Indonesia

Indonesia Company Registry

Indonesia Company Registry

Indonesian government has an online Indonesian company registry where you can search for the existing companies, both local and foreign, that are already registered in Indonesia. This can be useful for at least two reasons:

  • See which names are already taken
  • Find out whether your potential business partner is (already) registered in Indonesia

Find the registry here:

Note that often the legal names and brand names are different, this registry returns only the legal names. For example, if you register a locally owned company, you are requested to use a PT name that is in Bahasa Indonesia but can use brand names that are in English.

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Market entry services in Indonesia

Indosight provides legal and payroll services to companies entering and expanding in Indonesia. Get in touch with our consultants regarding our company registration, payroll, compliance or visa services.

The information provided will remain confidential to Indosight and will only be used to schedule and prepare for the meeting.

6 thoughts on “Company registry in Indonesia

  1. Jodie Preston

    I’m looking for a company called Savira Stone, wood & antique. Your website is not in English so I don’t know how to search for it. Can you direct me please?

    • Indosight

      Hi Jodie,

      This is a governmental website, we only link to it. Just enter the company name in the place that says “Cari nama persero:” and press enter. I checked for the name “Savira Stone” which was not registered but they might use another legal name. If they are local company, they most probably have the legal name in Bahasa Indonesia.

  2. Jay

    The registry is not accessible. Is it working?

    • Angeline Taniwan

      Dear Jay,

      Is it already working now? Let us know if it’s still not working.

      Angeline Taniwan

      • Anonymous

        the link is not working…

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