Calculate your Import Tax and Custom Duty

Any goods coming from oversea to Indonesia custom territory are treated as import. Those goods are subjected to custom duty with tariffs vary from 0%-5% ; 5%-10% and more than 10%, based on the goods classification follow HS code.

When you are importing goods by sea or air, you are required to give notification or known as customs declaration form (PIB) to custom office and prepaid for the customs duty and import taxes. There will be a 10% administrative penalty from the custom duty payable if the deadline is not met.

You can ask your forwarder to calculate estimation on how much you should pay.
Or else, you can calculate it yourself. We make the guideline with illustration for you!

CIF Price
= (FOB + Insurance + Fright cost) x exchange rate
In Indonesia, the exchange rate for imported goods is following rate from Customs office.

Follow the insurance amount. In case can not show the insurance document, will be charged to 0.5% x (FOB + Freight)

Freight Cost
Freight cost is the cost occurred to transfer imported goods. Importer should be able to proof freight cost by showing invoice attached with airway bill and or bill of lading. In case importer fails to show document of freight cost, the cost then will be calculated as below:

Sea Cargo

  • 15% x FOB value of goods origin imported from Europe, America, and Africa
  • 10% x FOB value of goods imported from Asia (non ASEAN) and Australia
  • 5% x FOB value of goods imported from ASEAN countries

Air Cargo
(Price per item/price of total item) x transportation fee

Import Duty
= Import duty tariff  x CIF
Find your tariff here by input HS code or description of imported goods.

VAT Calculation
= 10% x (CIF + Import Duty)

Income Tax
= 2.5% or 7.5% x (CIF + Import Duty)

Company with API (import identification number) subjected to 2.5% of Income tax
Company without API subjected to 7.5% of income tax.


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2 thoughts on “Calculate your Import Tax and Custom Duty

  1. Bill Ferrier

    Good morning.
    I am writing from Scotland.
    Recently we had a shipment of NON COMMERCIAL Prospectuses being delivered to Jakarta. The weight was 80KGS and the value a nominal GBP 15.00 as these are for Educational Purposes.
    Can you please advise me what the total VAT and Duty should be?
    Thank you.


    • Indosight

      Hi Bill,

      Please refer to the chart in the article to calculate your VAT and import duty. If you need more support, you can contact an import company to ensure your taxes are paid correctly.


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