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Cosmetic Product Registration In Indonesia

Every cosmetic product imported to Indonesia must first get approval from BPOM (Indonesian Agency for Drug And Food Control). Just like in any other country, right?

There’s just one thing… BPOM considered every variation of a product a separate item. So if you’d want to import a lipstick brand that has brown, red and orange color, you would have to register it as three separate products. [Continue reading...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Business in Indonesia

When you get contacted by 5-10 foreign investors every day about starting a business in Indonesia, you’ll quickly see that most of the questions start repeating. Most probably somebody already had exactly the same question that you are having.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together this guide of frequently asked questions about start a business. We’ll briefly answer those questions and provide links to more detailed resources. [Continue reading...]

Company Restructuring in Indonesia

SignIf you’ve talked with Indosight consultants, which you probably have, you’ve heard us saying things like “be clear about your location, business activities, shareholders etc. from the beginning”.

There’s a good reason for that. Making changes in your company activities, location or shareholders all require a considerable amount of time and legal paperwork.

However, most likely at some point you will reach a point when company restructuring is required. This article will guide you through the most common changes and what you need to know about them as a business leader. [Continue reading...]

Business opportunities outside of Jakarta and Bali

Business Opportunities outside Jakarta and Bali

The capital district of Jakarta and the paradise island of Bali are in the spotlight when it comes to doing business in Indonesia. About two thirds of all expats live in these two areas. But Indonesia is changing. The Government’s ‘Masterplan’ for 2025 determines growth centers across the archipelago. We want to have a closer look. [Continue reading...]

What Is The Expat Living Cost In Jakarta?

walletLiving cost is an important factor many first time founders consider before opening a company. Especially in the beginning your own living expenses might be one of the biggest cost for your company.

So I decided to look into data provided by and compare them with my own experience. Result is this guide that should give a pretty accurate picture of how much money an average expat can expect to spend in Jakarta. [Continue reading...]

When Representative Office for Trading Is Better Option Than PT PMA

Many foreign trading companies don’t know that opening a trading firm in Indonesia is not always the best option. Sometimes it’s wiser to open a representative office of foreign trading company (K3PA).

This article is for trading companies that don’t need to handle their transactions via their Indonesian branch but need some level of legal presence in Indonesia. This article complements our previous general representative office (KPPA) article. [Continue reading...]

I am seeing Indonesia emerging as a world power – Edo Frese

Edo Frese sees Indonesia as emerging powerMeet Edo Frese. If you are interested in Indonesia then you have probably come across publications managed and partly owned by him: Jakarta Expat, Bali Expat and recently Golf Indonesia.  If you visit Indonesia, you have likely tried sweets from a bakery run by him called Aaltje Bakery.

We interviewed Edo in Jakarta to know more about his personal experiences with Indonesia and doing business here, as well as how he sees the country’s future. [Continue reading...]

Market Testing That Gets You to Indonesia Faster and More Profitably

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”

-Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, 19th century military strategist

Market testing and research IndonesiaYou may not be a war general but if you are looking to start a business in Indonesia be ready to think like one. While business planning and research is important, the real world will more often than not provide challenges we couldn’t foresee. And those challenges can be very costly. That’s where market testing becomes useful. [Continue reading...]

Getting a domicile letter for registering PT PMA

Indonesian law requires companies to rent an office already during the incorporation process. The document you’ll need is domicile letter (Surat Keterangan domisili lurah camat) that is given based on your rent agreement.

Until recently virtual office was a good alternative for companies who needed the domicile letter but not a physical office. This saved you money and still enabled you to have an office address.

In this article we’ll explain what kind of office you should rent depending on your location and activities and why virtual office is no longer a good option for most companies. [Continue reading...]

I do not make money; I make bread – Roy K

Chef Roy

Today, our interview is with a romantic. Roy K is the chef and owner of Bakkerij Voorneman, the only original dutch bakery in Jakarta, loved by customers because of its owner’s passion for detail, health-mindedness and personal approach.

The hotelier, turned movie star, turned baker tells us why he keeps his business simple and why more people should find their passion to do the same. We met up with him in his bakery. [Continue reading...]

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